Your style, your fit.

Frequent Asked Questions

1. General

How does it work?

Our products are tailored to suit your style and fit. Your journey starts by selecting your customisations on our website. Next, you will be required to take your measurements at our partners location.

Once your measurements are taken, payment on our website is required before we send your measurements and customisations for tailoring.

Upon collection (14 – 21 days after payment), a fitting session will be provided. If there are any issues, alterations will be provided free of charge.

2. Products

How much does each tailored shirt and pants cost?

All our products cost S$99.

Do you offer standard sizing shirt or pants?

No, all our shirt and pants are tailored to your desired customisation and size.

3. Payment

What are the accepted payment methods?

We only accept credit card that is transacted on the Stripe payment system, one of the world’s leading online payment system that serves Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Spotify.

When do I make payment?

Payment is requested after your measurements are taken.

What happens if there is a quality or workmanship issue?

We encourage our customers to provide feedback to our partners during your collection. Issues accepted includes incorrect customisations, poor sewing or threading, tears and holes in the fabrics.
If accepted, a 100% refund will be given.

4. Measurement, Collection and Delivery

What is the total lead time to get my shirt or pants upon ordering?

It takes 18 – 21 days, after payment.

Where are your partners located?

Our partners are currently located at Clementi and Orchard area. You can find this information when you make your booking

Can my orders be sent to the desired address?

No, collection is required from our shops where you have taken your measurements.

Do I have to pay additional for fitting or alteration?

No, you do not need to pay additional for the first fitting or alterations.